Production of metal meshes Mesh panels, meshes, gabion structures

Advantagesof cooperation with UniFence
  • Producer's prices
    Custom solutions and flexible discount system
  • Wide range of products
    Popular items available in stock, wide choice, any RAL color
  • Top-quality products
    Complete cycle coloring line, use of hot-dip-galvanized wire of own production
What we offer

The products of UniFence™ have been known to customers since 2007. UniFence products are widely used in housebuilding and industrial construction (meshes for plasterwork, welded reinforcing meshes for buildings and structures; screening machines for sifting gravel and other bulk materials), road construction and bank protection (gabions made of double-twisted hexagonal steel meshes), automotive industry (filters), chemical industry (screening), sports (fencing for football fields, etc.), agriculture (fencing from hot dip galvanized steel wire for poultry and livestock breeding) and other applications.

Several years ago, UniFence started the production of a new type of fencing systems from flat panels with 3-D bends and double bars. This product keeps getting more and more popular on the market. UniFence manages to increase its volumes in a highly competitive environment thanks to the wide product range and high quality of the panels.

Recently, the company has been moving from selling just panels to offering complete solutions. For example, fences for airports, which include panels, posts, tops, barbed wire, gates, wickets, fasteners, etc. Such solutions can be used for sports stadiums, schools, municipalities and other facilities. The Company’s design engineer will prepare and adapt any project for specific objects and applications.

Standard colors RAL
  • RAL 6005
    RAL 6005 - green
  • RAL 5005
    RAL 5005 - blue
  • RAL 7040
    RAL 7040 - grey
Other colors For minimum 500 pcs. Orders
RAL 1000RAL 1003RAL 1007RAL 1011RAL 1012RAL 1014RAL 1016RAL 1019RAL 1021RAL 1024RAL 1027RAL 1028RAL 1032RAL 1034RAL 2000RAL 2001RAL 2002RAL 2003RAL 2009RAL 2011RAL 2012RAL 3000RAL 3003RAL 3004RAL 3007RAL 3009RAL 3011RAL 3012RAL 3015RAL 3016RAL 3017RAL 3020RAL 3022RAL 3027RAL 4001RAL 4002RAL 4003RAL 4004RAL 4009RAL 5000RAL 5002RAL 5003RAL 5004RAL 5005RAL 5009RAL 5012RAL 5013RAL 5014RAL 5017RAL 5018RAL 5022RAL 5023RAL 5024RAL 6000RAL 6001RAL 6002RAL 6003RAL 6004RAL 6005RAL 6006RAL 6009RAL 6010RAL 6013RAL 6014RAL 6016RAL 6017RAL 6018RAL 6019RAL 6020RAL 6021RAL 6024RAL 6025RAL 6026RAL 6027RAL 6029RAL 6032RAL 6033RAL 6034RAL 7000RAL 7001RAL 7002RAL 7003RAL 7005RAL 7006RAL 7008RAL 7009RAL 7011RAL 7013RAL 7015RAL 7016RAL 7021RAL 7023RAL 7024RAL 7032RAL 7033RAL 7034RAL 7035RAL 7036RAL 7042RAL 8000RAL 8001RAL 8002RAL 8012RAL 8014RAL 8016RAL 8019RAL 8023RAL 8024RAL 8028RAL 9001RAL 9002RAL 9003RAL 9004RAL 9005RAL 9010RAL 9011RAL 9016RAL 9017RAL 9018